Histoire-géographie internationale

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Remark: Both subjects' syllabi are divided in themes, but only History is divided in chapters.

History[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

This year's motto : "International Politics & Challenges to Prevailing Political Models from the 1930s onwards"

  1. Challenges of Democracy, Rise of Totalitarianism, and World War Two (15-17 hours)
  2. Multiplication of international actors in a bipolar world (1945 to the beginning of the 1970s), (15-17 hours)
  3. Economic, political, and social transformations: causes and consequences (19-21 hours)
  4. [Non exigible de fait] The world, Europe and France since the 1990's, between cooperations and conflicts (7-9 hours)
    • H8: New balances of power and global stakes
    • H9: The European construction, between expansion, deepening and questionings
    • H10: The French Republic

Geography[modifier | modifier le wikicode]

This year's motto : "Territories in globalization: between integrations and rivalries"

  1. G1: Seas and oceans at the core of globalization (16-18 hours)
  2. G3: Territorial dynamics, cooperations and tensions in globalization (16-18 hours)
  3. G5: European Union in globalization: complex dynamics (16-18 hours)
  4. [Non exigible de fait] G7: France and its regions in European Union and globalization (8-10 hours)

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